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Why Made to Fit Meals?


Our Meal Service

We prepare, package, and deliver fresh wholesome food in bulk or portioned meals

We offer a wide variety of options to help you customize for your specific needs

We take care of the shopping, prepping, cooking, portioning, packaging, and cleaning

We deliver to your home, workplace, or designated pickup point



Shopping, prepping and cooking healthy meals are often a barrier to a healthy lifestyle. We can help remove that time crunch from your schedule.



Most meal prep delivery services lack the flexibility to customize your meals. Don’t waste time trying to get what you need/want. We have a solution.



Our program is simple. You can order complete meals, a la carte items, or build your own meals through our user friendly website.



We deliver 3 days a week:

SUNDAY: 8am-4pm / TUESDAY: 6pm-9pm / THURSDAY: 6pm-9pm

  • Place your order before 11 am on FRIDAY to receive delivery by SUNDAY. Orders placed after 11am will receive delivery TUESDAY night.

  • Place your order before 11 am on SUNDAY to receive delivery by TUESDAY night. Orders placed after 11am will receive delivery THURSDAY night.

  • Place your order before 11 am on TUESDAY to receive delivery by THURSDAY night. Orders placed after 11am will receive delivery SUNDAY.

  • We will honor split delivery days for large orders, upon request.

  • We deliver to homes, workplaces, or any reasonable location.

  • A $5 delivery charge will be applied to all orders.

  • Our delivery coverage area is from Everett to Olympia and West Seattle to Issaquah.

  • If you live outside of our coverage area, please contact us: 253-380-9190. We will do our best to accommodate.

Menu Options 


Single Meals

Choose singles meals from our diverse menu. If you don't see something you like, you can build your own.


MINI - $5.49-6.95

2.5 oz- cooked protein

2 x 2 oz- cooked vegetable or starch sides

1 oz- sauce

STANDARD - $9.95-12.95

5 oz - cooked protein

2 x 4 oz- cooked vegetable or starch sides

2 oz- sauce

Bulk Items

Do you want to save money by packing your own meals at home? We offer a large selection of cooked proteins, vegetables, starches and sauces in bulk.


COOKED PROTEINS - $14.95-26.99 per lb

COOKED SIDES - $4.95-20.95 per lb

FRESH, HANDMADE SAUCES - $0.55 per fl oz

Meal Subscription

Your meals will be created based on foods you regularly enjoy, dietary restrictions, allergies, and dislikes. When you sign up, please be specific about your food preferences. We want to ensure every meal you receive contains the variety of foods that make you happy and your belly satisfied.


MINI- 5 Meals - $31.25 per week

MINI- 6 Meals - $36.90 per week

MINI- 7 Meals - $42.35 per week

MINI- 10 Meals - $58.95 per week

MINI- 12 Meals - $68.95 per week

MINI- 14 Meals - $78.40 per week

STANDARD- 5 Meals - $57.49 per week

STANDARD- 6 Meals - $67.80 per week

STANDARD- 7 Meals - $77.70 per week

STANDARD- 10 Meals - $107.49 per week

STANDARD- 12 Meals - $125.95 per week

STANDARD- 14 Meals - $143.49 per week