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Made to Fit Meals

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We prepare, package, and deliver fresh wholesome cooked food in bulk or portioned meals. We offer a wide variety of options to help you customize for your specific meal time preferences and needs. We take care of the shopping, prepping, cooking, portioning, packaging, and cleaning for you so you can spend more time enjoying what matters to you most.


Our Service

We will spend the time and energy to shop, prep, cook, portion and package your meals for you.

We deliver your meticulously prepared meals to your home, workplace, or any reasonable location.

We get to know your palate and set you up for a recurring subscription for a hassle free experience.


Our menus created by experienced industry chefs

Meals are from scratch and made to order

We use fresh, high quality, clean, whole ingredients

Meals are prepared and packaged by properly trained staff

We offer a large variety of meal choices and sizes

Recipes and meals are accurately scaled and portioned


Keep it Local

We are a local company based in Tacoma, WA. 

We exclusively service the Puget Sound area from Lynnwood to Olympia and West Seattle to Issaquah.

We do our best to choose ingredients that are in season and close to home. 

We hand deliver every order with safety and care in mind in a properly refrigerated vehicle.

Why choose us?

Our program is designed to be as simple or complex as you need it to be. You can order complete meals, build your own meals, or bulk foods through our user friendly website.


Meal Options

Single Meals

Choose singles meals from our diverse menu. If you don't see something you like, you can build your own.


MINI - $5.49-6.95

2.5 oz- cooked protein

2 x 2 oz- cooked vegetable or starch sides

1 oz- sauce

STANDARD - $9.95-12.95

5 oz - cooked protein

2 x 4 oz- cooked vegetable or starch sides

2 oz- sauce

Bulk Items

Do you want to save money by packing your own meals at home? We offer a large selection of cooked proteins, vegetables, starches and sauces in bulk.


COOKED PROTEINS - $14.95-26.99 per lb

COOKED SIDES - $4.95-20.95 per lb

FRESH, HANDMADE SAUCES - $0.55 per fl oz

Meal Subscription

Your meals will be created based on foods you regularly enjoy, dietary restrictions, allergies, and dislikes. When you sign up, please be specific about your food preferences. We want to ensure every meal you receive contains the variety of foods that make you happy and your belly satisfied.


MINI- 5 Meals - $31.25 per week

MINI- 6 Meals - $36.90 per week

MINI- 7 Meals - $42.35 per week

MINI- 10 Meals - $58.95 per week

MINI- 12 Meals - $68.95 per week

MINI- 14 Meals - $78.40 per week

STANDARD- 5 Meals - $57.49 per week

STANDARD- 6 Meals - $67.80 per week

STANDARD- 7 Meals - $77.70 per week

STANDARD- 10 Meals - $107.49 per week

STANDARD- 12 Meals - $125.95 per week

STANDARD- 14 Meals - $143.49 per week